Happy (insert post day here) everyone! Hope you’re all having a good week. If you watched my recent video about how to achieve picture perfect skin, you have most definitely heard me talk about this incredible product. The L’Occitane Divine Youth Oil has blown me away and is now an essential part of my skincare routine, both morning and night! Let’s dive into how this magical oil works!

L’Occitane’s Divine Youth Oil contains Immortelle – a beautiful flower that never wilts or fades even after it is picked from the ground! The researchers at L’Occitane studied this eternal flower for many long years. Through this process, L’Occitane created a product that utilizes Immortelle essential oil to fight the signs of aging! L’Occitane also added a complex of seven natural plant oils that contains a high concentration of essential fatty acids and nutrients to keep skin at its best. What is unbelievable about this oil is that most see an improvement in their skin with the first use! I immediately saw a difference from using the Divine Youth Oil. The texture in my T-zone, which I have struggled with for years, is completely gone. My skin is radiant and extremely soft. The oil has also improved my skin’s elasticity, leaving my skin more youthful and healthy.

Not only have I incorporated this oil into my skincare regimen, but it has also worked wonders in my makeup application. I have always struggled with under-eye creasing, even when I set my concealer with powder. When I apply the Divine Youth Oil under my eyes prior to concealing and setting, I notice a dramatic improvement. The creasing is minimized and the thin skin below my eyes gets its “bounce” back. When I apply this oil on my entire face prior to foundation, it leaves me with a fresh and luminous appearance.

L’Occitane is letting everyone try the Divine Youth Oil for free. To sign up, click here. Make sure to let me know the results you see with this product! Message me on Instagram, Snapchat, or Twitter! I will be sure to respond!



Thank you to L’Occitane for sharing this opportunity with my followers and for teaming up with me for this post!


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