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Summer Dresses, Tops, & Skirts Under $50!

Happy Monday! I’ve noticed it’s getting nearly impossible to find a pretty summer dress, top, 0r skirt for under $50. I wanted to challenge myself to find some gorgeous options to share with you. Please let me know if you like these dresses and tops in the comments. If you purchase anything, send me a photo of you wearing it and I’ll share it on my social media.










Did you have any favorites? Let me know if you love this “Under $50” post & I’ll be sure to make it a series! Love you guys so much and I hope you have an AMAZING week!


XOXO Mandy












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  1. Jemma June 11, 2018

    Such a gorg collection! Do you have that Blue one? It looks familiar hehehe. Luv ya queen bee!

  2. Monica WV June 11, 2018

    That last pastel dress is live 🙌🏼🤩

  3. Aleen W. June 11, 2018

    Picked up the red polka dot dress and the black skirt. So pretty. Thank you.

  4. Ruby Woo June 11, 2018

    Yes we want more of this!

  5. Elizabeth June 11, 2018

    I love your blog I love all the clothes 😘

  6. Shakira Garcia (kikylovesss) June 11, 2018

    Great choices, beautiful dresses for a good price!! I’ve never been into floral dresses but seeing your Instagram how gorgeous , elegant and feminine it looks I’ve definitely got a change of heart 💕💕 ❤️It!!

  7. Nija Harden July 10, 2018

    My favorite one was the crop top with the red design because they be partnered with some jeans or Jean shorts and I love jeans so that would be the holy trail for me.

  8. Charmaine July 10, 2018

    I love your clothing choices.

  9. Sam July 10, 2018

    Honestly didn’t know what I was being subscribed to until I realized it was all cloths! Girl! I love all these! I’m not even upset that I subscribed to this! Wish I would of done it sooner!❤️

  10. Briana Paolini July 10, 2018

    Love the pictures and your channel

  11. Athena July 10, 2018

    Your style is everything! Look forward to new YouTube vids every week too.

  12. jo_v80 July 10, 2018

    ohhhh so many pretty dresses !!!! xo

  13. Paige Morris July 10, 2018

    Dear, Mandy

    I love your videos soooo much!!! You have given me so much confidence! Before finding your channel I was extremely shy and didn’t want to open up to anyone. Now I have a few friends and I even tried out for volleyball team! So thank you so much for everything you do!!!

  14. Michaela July 10, 2018

    Love the out fits, but I do not think you would have my size. 💕

  15. Elisa Maggini July 11, 2018

    I love all these dresses (especially the Lemon Dress), I can’t believe they are actually under $50.

  16. Gitta July 11, 2018

    In love with these

  17. Kenzy July 18, 2018

    Dresses and tops are so cute

  18. Valaesha Miller July 21, 2018

    I love this type of post! For some reason I didn’t get notified about the post – it wasn’t cause I didn’t confirm… But I can’t on over from ig and figured it out!

  19. Addy July 22, 2018

    Love this stuff

  20. Clara July 27, 2018

    O think you are talented and smart and beautiful and I hope that you become an International designer

  21. Katarzyna August 8, 2018

    Hi Mandy,

    I love that floral dress and the black summer dress.

    Please me a series! Can’t wait for your next posts.❤️❤️