For brands, existing social media influencers, and those who have zero or limited social media experience but want to become successful full-time YouTubers and/or bloggers

I provide consulting services on how to grow a large online audience. Becoming a successful YouTuber and/or blogger is not difficult, and I walk you through the details of achieving your goals.

If you are interested, please email me at with the subject line "YOUTUBE/BLOG Consulting Services."


Hi everyone! I'm Mandy. I was born in Armenia and grew up in Bulgaria. From Bulgaria, I moved to California.

For college, I attended UC Berkeley and studied Biochemistry and Economics. I fell in love with Economics. It taught me the importance of creating spaces and places for people to help them live their lives in a better way. This gave me the confidence to pursue my YouTube channel, blog, and Shop Worthy - all created for you.


After I started my YouTube channel, I received so many emails from women telling me how much my videos helped them with their style and confidence. Because of this, I quickly started working on this blog. I wanted to create a space for me to connect with you on a daily basis.

I came up with the idea for Shop Worthy shortly after creating my YouTube channel. I wanted to create a virtual personal shopping experience for you. Shop Worthy is a curated "store" featuring the very best fashion & beauty products from online, which are personally hand selected by me for you.

Thank you so much for reading!